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New releases on Behind Closed Doors:

Quantum Leap Session

90 min Studio Session recorded in Febraury 2022
Songs of the Quantum Leap Album performed live by Gus G, Dennis Ward, Johan Nunez
Plus 30 min Interview and lots of backstage footage

A Session with

50 min Studio Session recorded in July 2020, during pandamic.
Without audiance... Behind Closed Doors

More new material coming up in 2024....
Stay tuned.

About Behind Closed Doors:

Behind closed doors stands for:
Extraordinary music sessions 
New song arrangements and extraordinary combinations of musicians 
Unique music documentaries and concerts backed by interviews and backstage scenes.

The “Behind Closed Doors” – session started in Berlin, Germany during lockdown in March 2020

Some of Germany´s top musicians of the electronic scene were invited and met in a club in Berlin, without audience.

The 1. season was recorded in Berlin at UFA Fabrik, and streamead every Monday and Thursday between April and June 2020.  Due to the hugh success the 2. season was set up in July, recorded in Berlin at Club Lido and streamed between September and November 2020.

Seasons 1 & 2 are an experience of Electronic & Ambiant music, passion and unique vibes.

Responsible for Season 1 & 2 are the musician Thorsten Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream, Picture Palace Music) ,the film producer Andreas Bernhardt (bb Film), cameraman Armin Fausten (Kickfilm, Berlin) and concert promoter Thorsten Sohn (MFP Concerts)


Concerts & Music Documentaries

Due to the rising interest in this format, Thorsten Sohn (MFP Concerts) is extending the idea to other music genres such as Pop, Rock, Hard Rock and Orchestral shows. 
A combination of music, interviews and backstage scenes.

We are raising the flag of real music in a changing music industry !

Thorsten Quaeschning

Thorsten Quaeschning is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director who played and composed on more than 120 albums worldwide with different artists including 75 albums (albums, compilations, live-albums) with TANGERINE DREAM.

He composed the original soundtrack for “CARGO” (USA/2018), “LETTERS FROM LIBYA, (Libya & Germany) and “REMNANTS” (UK/2013).

Thorsten Quaeschning´s improvisation skills give the guest musicians the space to show their art and talent.
All sessions are an experience of Electronic & Ambiant music, passion and unique vibes.

Member of
TANGERINE DREAM 2005 – today
MINORY 1994 – 2003

Brian May (QUEEN),
Jean Michel Jarre,
Edgar Fröse,
Schiller / Christopher von Deylen,
Hans Joachim Roedelius,
Ulrich Schnauss,
Paul Frick,
Franz Bargmann,

Thorsten is based in Berlin, Germany.

The Documentary Man
Thorsten "Mr T" Sohn

Thorsten Sohn is CEO of MFP Concerts GmbH & CoKG.
Beeing a musician himself he decided to step behind the curtain years ago and to organise events & shows.

With a diploma in business he combines his passion of music with business skills for more than 25 years.

He worked with legends like  Jon Lord, Manfred Mann, Alan Parsons, Bonnie Tyler, Nik Kershaw, Marillion, Tangerine Dream, Nina Hagen, Scooter, Kevin Costner or Stewart Copeland, just to name a few.

The Behind Closed Doors Project is the plattform to show rare and exceptional video material, that music fans are always waiting for.

But Behind Closed Doors means a lot of planning, logistics, efforts and stamina, as well.
Thorsten and his creative team make sure that the artists are always set in the right picture… 

„Let the music do the talking …..“

Thorsten is based in Ingolstadt, Germany

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