March 2020: Some of Germany´s top musicians of the electronic and ambient scene were invited and met in a club in Berlin, without audience.

Thorsten Quaeschning´s improvisation skills give the guest musicians the space to show their art and talent.

Season 1 contains 9 sessions. An experience of Electronic & Ambiant music, passion and unique vibes.


Thorsten is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director who played and composed on more than 120 albums worldwide with different artists including 75 albums (albums, compilations, live-albums) with TANGERINE DREAM.

He composed the original soundtrack for “CARGO” (USA/2018), “LETTERS FROM LIBYA, (Libya & Germany) and “REMNANTS” (UK/2013).

Member of

TANGERINE DREAM 2005 – today
MINORY 1994 – 2003

Brian May (QUEEN),
Jean Michel Jarre,
Edgar Fröse,
Schiller / Christopher von Deylen,
Hans Joachim Roedelius,
Ulrich Schnauss,
Paul Frick,
Franz Bargmann,

Thorsten is based in Berlin, Germany.

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


is a German guitarist and founding member of Berlin based band CAMERA, well-known for their spontanous Krautrock-Guerilla-concerts.

Franz can also be heard on several projects, as on the Dark-Techno debut album „Auferstehung“ of OAKE, and he just released as BROCKMANN/BARGMANN the new record „Zeit“.

Since 2014 he is playing guitar for German Krautrock legend Michael Rother (NEU!, HARMONIA).


Franz is based in Berlin

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


is a German composer, producer and multi talented instrumentalist.

After intense guitar and piano playing during childhood, Paul Frick took composition lessons with Il-Ryun Chung from the age of twelve. From 2000-2008 classical composition studies with Friedrich Goldmann at UDK Berlin.

Since 2009 live appearances in more than 50 countries with the acoustic/electronic trio

BRANDT BRAUER FRICK and other formations. Brandt Brauer Frick as well founded a ten-piece ensemble and expanded their music for orchestra and choir.

Numerous records, collaborations, remixes, an opera…

Since 2020 he is member of legendary  TANGERINE DREAM


Paul is based in Berlin, Germany

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


Is a multi-disciplinary musician, composer, record producer and instrument designer.

Reuter’s work as recording artist, solo performer and composer spans (and frequently fuses) electrophonic loop music, contemporary classical music, progressive and art rock, industrial music, world jazz, jazz fusion, pop songs and pure improvisation.

Over the course of a two-decade career, he has been a member of multiple bands, ensembles and projects including CENTROZOON, STICK MEN, TUNER, THE CRIMSON ProjeKct, as

further collaborations with artists including Tim Bowness, Lee Fletcher, Ian Boddy and Robert Rich,

A specialist in touch guitar playing, Reuter became known as a leading player of the Warr Guitar and Chapman Stick during the 1990s and 2000s before developing, adopting and marketing his own U8 and U10 Touch Guitar instruments. In collaboration with former King Crimson member Trey Gunn, he runs the Touch Guitar Circle, a teaching and support network for touch guitar players.

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


is a classically trained, Berlin-based, Japanese violinist and composer.

Yamane started her classical training when she was four years old. After she graduated from Aich Prafectural University of Art and Music with the Master of Fine Arts for the violin, she moved to Berlin. Later, she graduated with a Diploma in violin and during her studies,she worked with the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester.  From 2011-2013, she worked with Jane Birkin on a European tour (with music directed by Nobuyuki Nakajima), performing live concerts in more than thirty countries.

As TUKICO, her solo side project, she released her first EP, ‘become’, on Hush Hush Records (USA),in early-2020 and solo album,’Primitive’, on Subcontinental Records (India), in Autumn 2020.

She is a member of legendary German electronic music group TANGERINE DREAM, since 2011.

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


Berlin singer and guitarplayer Lutz Graf-Ulbrich, nickname „LÜÜL“ is well known for beeing involved in various projects. He plays guitar with AGITATION FREE and ASH RA TEMPEL , he was working and living with VELVET UNDERGROUND female singer NICO for several years.  Lüül had the „Neue Deutsche Welle“ hit „Morgens in der U-Bahn“, and founded the Rocktheater Reineke Fuchs.

He is founding member of German band 17 HIPPIES and he released his autobiography „und ich folge meiner Spur“.

Lüül is based in Berlin

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


Roland Meyer de Voltaire (GER),

is a German singer, composer, songwriter and producer, known as „SCHWARZ“

From 2003 to 2011 he was the frontman of German band „Voltaire“, which releaaed 2 EPs and 2 records. Since 2016 Roland is performing as „SCHWARZ“ and released 2019 his latest album “White Room.

Further on he cooperates with other musicicians, such as Megaloh, Enno Bunger or Schiller as guest singer or producer. He went on German stadion-tour with German Ambient star Schiller in 2019.

Roland is based in Berlin.

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


Satoshi Okamoto begann seine Musikkarriere 1994. In diesem Jahr startete er ein Bandprojekt, welches sich mit digitalem Hardcore und Gitarrenpop beschäftigte. Insgesamt wurden drei Alben veröffentlicht und zahlreiche Auszeichnungen bei Musikwettbewerben gewonnen. 1999 begann Okamoto auch als Solokünstler zu arbeiten. Erste Arbeiten kamen zustande mit der Teilnahme an dem Album der Japanischen Künstlerin Kazumi Nikaidou und dem Support bei ihren Live-Touren. Eine weitere Zusammenarbeit fand mit dem Künstler Jugo Nagisa statt. Außerdem folgten zahlreiche Kollaborationen mit Dichtern, Schriftstellern, Fotographen und Tänzern in Japan. 2001 stieß Satoshi Okamoto zu dem Projekt “La! Düsseldorf/ Japandorf” von Klaus Dinger und verlagerte seinen Wohnsitz nach Düsseldorf. Parallel dazu entwickelte er seinen eigenen Sound und startet auch hier wieder Kollaborationen auf internationaler Ebene in Tanz-und Kunstprojekten und in der Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Künstlern. Im Juni 2008 veröffentlichten Satoshi Okamoto und Kazuyuki Onouchi unter dem Namen “sub-tle.” ihr erstes Album “pre_mary” ( label : onpa))))) ® ) und tourten damit in Deutschland, Belgien, Japan und Frankreich. In Tokyo, Sapporo und Nagoya wurde das Album “pre_mary” Nr.1 in den CRJ charts. Im Juni 2009 hat sub-tle. (Satoshi Okamoto) seine Basis nach Berlin verlagert.

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


is a German DJ and producer.

Stephan has been producing since the sweet age of 13 where he first started with Fruity Loops, back in the day.

After years of honing his Skills at Sound-Design and programming he first started releasing his music in 2010 and has since then released over a dozen of EP’s with various Labels. As well as Techno is a passion for Stephan, SoundDesign is clearly his second love and he has started making presets for Nonlinear Labs since 2013, for K-Devices since 2015, for Glitchmachines and zMors since 2016.

He is a regular audio specialist at German YouTube Channel MusoTalk. When Stephan isn’t busy shaping SoundScapes, teaching or putting the finishing touches on another Artists Project he is working on his Live Setup consisting of up to 5 Controllers (Maschine Studio/ Push/KORE/MPK88/iPad), which can be scaled down to just 2 for club performances.

His Live sound can vary from deep dark Techno to lush- full groovy Electro with bluesy melodies intertwined.Stephan skills as an Audio-Engineer brings a loud and expertly tuned sound to the club which resonates well with crowds allover.

From Berlin over Rome to Cuba stephan has Satisfied Clients for Digital Mastering Services.

Stefan is based in Berlin.

Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:


is a German composer, producer and guitarist.

Born in 1979 in Northern Germany Benjamin studied classical and electric guitar in Hannover achieving his diploma in 2005. In 2003 he started working as a principal guitarist both at Theater des Westens and Theater am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin in different musical productions (Mamma Mia, Les Miserablés, Dirty Dancing, Hinterm Horizon to name a few).

Besides the above, he also played guitar in bands like Counter-World Experience (jazz-metal), Funk Delicious (funk) or Sascha Kempin (pop) and orchestras such as Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg or NjO conducted by Kurt Masur.

In 2012 Benjamin started working as a songwriter, producer and mixer at his studio Light Mountain Studio in Berlin for artists like Xandria, Eisbrecher, Beatrice Egli, Tanzwut, 48 Stunden, Stahlmann and many more.

Benjamin is based in Berlin.